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Who Are Lashes For?

Everyone, really! Check these out to see where you fit in.

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    The On-The-Go Momma

    The on-the-go mom should most definitely treat herself to eyelash extensions! Make mornings easier and always look and feel beautiful!

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    The Always On Entrepreneur

    Always running around? Rushing from meeting to meeting? You go, superstar. Keep your lashes as amazing as you 24/7!

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    The Pamperer

    Treat yo'self. Why not?

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    The Squad

    Got a bridal party together? Want to do something out of the ordinary to celebrate someones birthday? #SquadUp and get some lashes on, ladies!

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Lashes Change Lives!

We could tell you, but we'll let our customers do the talking.

Rachelle J. image

Rachelle J.

Lash Artist: Jenna, Monterey

Tara B. image

Tara B.

Lash Artist: Cassidy, San Diego

Pauline M. image

Pauline M.

Lash Artist: Cassidy, San Diego

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