Build Your Dream Lash Room

Click any of the photos below, and you will be redirected to where you can buy each item! 

Massage Table

Reclining Chair

Bolster for client comfort

Lighting Matters

Below are some lighting options and my honest opinion about them all :) 

Ring LIght - I like this one because of the connecter that it comes with. It's like a "snake" so it allows for an easier adjustment 

I would link to Glamcor, but I really do not recommend these anymore. I am selling every single one that I have, because 

This is a great supplemental light, if you feel like the ring isn't enough. 

Extra Credit

Go the extra mile and make your clients smile. Ok, that rhymed... did you chuckle too?

A diffuser adds the perfect element to cater to the sense of smell. I would recommend using a limited amount of oil (3-4 drops) and to keep it further from where you are lashing, because of ambient oils. If you have a waiting room and a bathroom, these are perfect places for a diffuser. 

I have these speakers in every room at both of my lash studios. I love that you can synchronize them to play the same music OR customize them to have different music playing in each room. Worth the investment