Q: What are eyelash extensions?

A: Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes that are adhered to individual, natural eyelashes.  Unlike false or strip lashes, extensions are attached one by one to individual eyelashes and NOT to your skin. Extensions enhance your natural beauty by adding length and fullness to your existing lashes.  They allow you to wake up looking radiant and ready to go, without even a swipe of mascara!

Q: What are the differences between the types of lash extensions?
A: There are different lash application techniques, resulting in different looks!

Classic extensions are a 1:1 ratio, meaning one extension adhered to one natural lash.

Volume is a more advanced technique. Fans of multiple finer lashes are handmade by your lash artist and applied to each natural lash.

Hybrid is simply a mix of classic and volume!

The most dramatic style of lash extensions is mega volume. They are volume fans, just consisting of even more lashes!

Q: Can a full set be natural?
A: 1000%! It is a common misconception that they can’t. All sets are completely customizable to your preference. Classic will give you a heightened mascara look and volume a more feathered, fluffy look!

Q: How can I book an appointment?
A: There’s a couple of ways! You can book online here or give us a call or text!

San Diego: 619-339-4529
Monterey: 831-595-5454

Q: Do you offer lash lifts/tints?
A: We recently added lash lifts and tints to our service menu in San Diego and Monterey!

Q: How long do they last?
A: When properly cared for, your eyelash extensions will last until your natural eyelashes fall out as they normally would.  Exact timing varies because of genetics and lifestyle, however the average shedding of natural lashes takes place at the rate of two to five lashes per day. To maintain your look, see us for a Refresh session every two to three weeks.

Q: Are they safe?
A: Yes. When properly applied, eyelash extensions are a safe and convenient alternative to wearing mascara and strip lashes.

Q: I've heard eyelash extensions make your natural lashes fall out.  Is this true?

A: No way!  When properly applied and cared for, eyelash extensions will not harm your natural lashes.  Instead, your natural lash will shed as it normally does, taking the extension with it.  A new lash will grow in its place. All Garnet Lash Artists have been certified by Garnet Lash Society or have passed an audition to ensure proper and safe application techniques.

Q: How long will my appointment take?
A: The type of appointment you chose, and with what level of Lash Artist will determine the timing of your appointment. Please refer to our Services Menu to learn more about appointment lengths.