Lash Model Instructions

Thank you for being our model at Garnet Lash! Here's what to do before and after your lash session:


1. Follow Garnet Lash and your lash artist on socials: @garnetlash + @yourartist

2. Post a story on your way in or in the waiting lobby, tagging Garnet Lash and your lash artist.

3. Enjoy your lash appointment!


1. Leave two reviews: one on Yelp and one on Google Business. (Links Below)

2. Share your gorgeous lashes on your story, tagging @garnetlash and your artist

3. If you want to maintain your lashes, reach back out for a Refresh appointment in two weeks!

Thank you for choosing Garnet Lash! We appreciate your support ☺

Reminder, if you're getting a Lash Lift & Tint, you must wait to get your eyes wet for 24 hours! 

Come with clean eyes and face!